Lux Wireless iPhone Battery Case Package

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How to Use

How To Use:

  1. Slide your iPhone into the battery case, lining up the lightning connector of your phone with the lighting connector of the case. 
  2. Press and release the power button located on the back of the case to begin using the 4000mAH battery and 3000mah for the regular models built inside of the case. Press and release this power button at anytime to stop using the 4000mAH battery and begin using your phone's internal battery. 
  3. Plug your lightning cable into the bottom of the battery case to recharge both your phone's internal battery and the battery case. To recharge both devices you will need to press and hold the power button located on the battery case to activate the connection between the phone and case after the case has been plugged into a power source. If you simply plug-in the case to a power source without pressing the power button only the case itself will recharge.

How does Lux Battery Extender Work?

Lux Battery Cases are incredible for extending the battery life of your phone. When you slide your phone into the Lux Mobile Battery case, a connector at the base of the case plugs into the port at the bottom of the phone. Press the status button on the back of the case for 2 seconds to start charging your phone. Our After using up all the power in the Lux Battery Case, just recharge it for more on-the-go power. Our battery lasts over 50 hours on a full charge!!

What makes Lux Mobile Special?

Lux Mobile has developed what we believe is best battery case on the market! Our Top of the Line Lithium ion battery has the biggest mAH at 4,000 for the Plus versions! That is more than a 2,600 mAH Mophie and iPhone Battery Case. Our ultra sleek look has incredible protection and no bottom lip. It is thinner than most regular cases and has a non-slip silicon back to give you amazing feel. TRY THE DIFFERENCE!

How long does the battery last?

Lux Mobile Battery cases are 4,000 mAH and 3000 mAH for the regular models with the X being 3200 mAh and last over 50 hours! A standard iphone has only 2,500 mAH which means a Lux Case gives you 1.5x more battery life!

Is it hard to take off?

Our silicon back makes taking the case on and off a breeze. Simply push back at the rubber top and slide it off and on. A soft back ensures you never have that slip feeling as you do with other battery case products. 

About Lux Mobile

Lux Mobile is a USA based company offering the most premium Mobile accessories on the market. These are original designs catering to the specific needs of the everyday customer.


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