White - Lux iPhone Battery Case

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LUX is the ANSWER to your Battery Problems!


Protective and durable in a sexy sleek case.

Unparalleled battery technology!

Now supporting the Apple Lightning Headphones! LUX Mobile is proud to release the best battery case on the market. Plug your favorite pair of lightning style headphones directly into the built-in lightning port at the bottom of the battery case and begin listening to your favorite music or make an important call using your headphones!  

No Extra Cables Needed! This battery case charges and syncs using your Apple Lightning Cable.

Plug in overnight and have all day battery life! It's that simple

Raised bezel to fully protect your phone and screen! Lux Mobile is the first battery case to feature a sleek, sexy look while retaining incredible battery life and durable phone protection

Our battery cases feature high quality, lithium polymer, batteries that are guaranteed to offer you maximum power and durability!


Don't settle for battery cases with cheap, low-quality batteries that will only last you weeks and may cause damage to your phone.


Full Protection: Full 360 degree bumper protection with access to all ports & a raised front lip to protect the screen.

hight quality High Quality: Made with the best Lithium ion Battery on the market

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