Lux Mobile Battery Case Kept my iPhone 7 Alive for 50 Hours!

I put off trying smartphone battery cases because of their bulk for almost 10 years. 

That all changed when we created the LUX Ultra iPhone Battery Case!

The LUX Case is meant to be a marriage between a Slim, Sleek, Sexy design and as much battery that can be stuffed into that design. It's a tall order, but we believe we created something magical!

As it stands, I am only able to get around 8-12 hours on my iPhone 7 Plus. Most friends who have the 6 and 7 can barely go 6-8 hours before their battery is near 20%. Not to mention your phone becomes slower as it has less battery because of the updates Apple made to there software.

When Testing the 4,000mah LUX Battery case we achieved over 50 hours of battery life! Keep in mind that this 50 hours included 14 hours of continuous audio listening (I have podcasts playing continuously when I sleep), media streaming (video and audio), and light gaming on my commute. That means you have 3x the battery life of iPhone in a case you will absolutely LOVE! Literally this case is unbelievable. 

Light phone users could see battery life that exceeds LUX's 50-hour battery

The Lux Battery case is a lightweight design that not only gives you extra battery but Protects your phone from damage and your screen from cracking. Once you put it on this will be your case forever! It is the same size as a regular case and has all the capabilites you always wanted. Try it out and experience the difference.


Those looking for a super-slim battery case will be AMAZED! Get yours TODAY!


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